Thursday, December 2, 2010


Christmas time approaches us like a lion creeping up on its prey. It's gradual, but once the lion starts to make its move it's as if time is going faster and faster. The lion pounces into action, the antelope's ears perk, the speed of time explodes. BAM.

In other words: Christmas is like a lion. You think, oh hey, it already ate. I'm good for another year. But then as the year passes, time just seems to float on by beside you, and you watch it idly, daydreaming of the past. This Christmas lion gracefully starts walking towards you, and you still have no idea it's approaching. Paw in front of paw, the jingle bell tune starts to resonate in your local grocery and department stores.

Until the annoying Christmas music hits you, and you're in the middle of your finals and essays. You think to yourself, damn, didn't this just happen? It did; it did just happen... at least, it happened a year ago. The rush of panic begins.

I have two essays due. I have four finals to do. I haven't started studying. I haven't started shopping. Worse: How do I afford anything?

The thoughts of money plague your brain. It is no longer ethics or morals like your first essay is about. It is no longer about the Arabic modernist movements. It is about the current condition of your wallet, the current situation that is ahead of you. Money. Gifts. Toys. More money.

The question is: Do you let yourself become distracted by these catchy Christmas tunes, or do you dive into your studying? Do you want this lion to destroy your beaten carcass along with its clan? Or, do you run, run with the work, run with the books that surround you?

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