Thursday, December 30, 2010


It is never the end, it is always a start, yet it is never really beginning

Here`s to the new year, and the adventures that follow.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh you philosophers, you

So as I'm up, yet again, before a final exam, I am re-evaluating what it has taught me. You may say I am ignorant, and, well, I agree. Before this course, I didn't know what a utilitarian was... Kind of sounded like a big form of elephant to me, honestly... And I found out it pretty much was! utilitarians are massive elephants on peoples shoulders, demanding for the utility that produces the greatest number of goods. That means, if you promised to pay your lawn mower a set amount, but you can do something better with that money, you needn't pay him.. What's more, if you find yourself walking in the forest and you happen to come across some European colonizers and they ask you to choose between killing one indian man versus twenty, you choose the one Indian man. Why? Because it's the greatest number... One of them is bound to become a doctor or something!

The next one I learned about was Kant. Hm, the only other word I know that sounds like that is an offensive term used to call people... Or the word "can't"... But I digress. I guess this guy is a tiny bit better because he's not calculating what would give you the greatest amount of pleasure all the time... But he's also the most difficult to understand. His ideology pretty much summed up in a few words is that you can't use people as an ends to your means, but always the means to your ends. Confused? I know I am. He wants people to employ his categorical imperatives, which is the test to find out if the action you are doing is the right one, and an action is only right if you will it to be a part of law. So you're going to tell your best friend you'll pay back her money, and not pay back at all? How would you feel if that was allowed into law? That's right, you wouldn't. Banks would no longer lend us monies, which would suck for people wanting houses. More than that, you're not allowed to lie. Hey, a murderer shows up at your door and asks for Smith? Well, you damn right give him where Smith is.

Oh, and Aristotle. Aristotle was a tricky fellow to read because of his general premise. People and thngs have functions. Those functions are a part of human life, so since they are necessary, you do the things that would most satisfy their functions. If you keep repeatedly doing those acts, you become virtuous... Granted they aren't killing people. What makes an action right is if you've used your ability to logically reason and you've expressed your biological capacity by exercising those rights. You want virtue? Keep being brave and always be brave. Be consistent with your actions! No matter how difficult it is. You'll receive eudaimonia, which is ultimate happiness in th long run. Ps. Women in aristole's world should stay in the kitchen.

Then comes the contract theories. There's two different people who can be associated to this theory: Thomas Hobbes and James Rawls. Personally, think Hobbes is the more logical of the two. Hobbes' main premise is that what is right is satisfying a persons self preservation. Yes, people aree paranoid beings, so to help people less paranoid, let's set up a state to help govern them. These rules are necessary for a persons self preservation, so they don't just go walking down the street and killing everyone they meet because they are mot sure of the other persons character. These laws of nature help to preserve human life. Rawls on the other hand, says that people mustdoright actions that benefit other people... So he set up what would really be the basis for communism. Everyone has equal rights, and everyone must be the same economically. He wants tor redistribute the money people have to make sure that everyone is equal and thief is justice for all. Again, out of those two, I think the most appealing one is Hobbes... I don't want my money being redistributed and my talents not being recognized... I'm just egoistic like that.

Nietzsche... Well let's compare him to a football team. He would tellt he football team that they're only good if they're better than everyone else. That is whats considered as a master morality. You are better than everyone, and people are your slaves, you can use them to your advantage. Then comes in slave morality which is all of the other morality views vie described, and including Christianity, this slave morality contests between good and evil, unlike master morality's comparison between good and bad. For th

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


i want you so bad right now
in my mouth and dancing on my tongue


Sunday, December 12, 2010

so determined

I was so determined
From the very beginning, til the very end.
I wanted so much more than just this.
I wanted so much to succeed, to be better.
Most of all, I wanted to be someone.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


why is there no water flowing
am i not good enough to drink
i am struggling with this
still suffering in this
alive but really dying inside

this is reality that i must face
and millions of other children
us, we are nobody
starving to be somebody with
food water shelter

a home

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Christmas time approaches us like a lion creeping up on its prey. It's gradual, but once the lion starts to make its move it's as if time is going faster and faster. The lion pounces into action, the antelope's ears perk, the speed of time explodes. BAM.

In other words: Christmas is like a lion. You think, oh hey, it already ate. I'm good for another year. But then as the year passes, time just seems to float on by beside you, and you watch it idly, daydreaming of the past. This Christmas lion gracefully starts walking towards you, and you still have no idea it's approaching. Paw in front of paw, the jingle bell tune starts to resonate in your local grocery and department stores.

Until the annoying Christmas music hits you, and you're in the middle of your finals and essays. You think to yourself, damn, didn't this just happen? It did; it did just happen... at least, it happened a year ago. The rush of panic begins.

I have two essays due. I have four finals to do. I haven't started studying. I haven't started shopping. Worse: How do I afford anything?

The thoughts of money plague your brain. It is no longer ethics or morals like your first essay is about. It is no longer about the Arabic modernist movements. It is about the current condition of your wallet, the current situation that is ahead of you. Money. Gifts. Toys. More money.

The question is: Do you let yourself become distracted by these catchy Christmas tunes, or do you dive into your studying? Do you want this lion to destroy your beaten carcass along with its clan? Or, do you run, run with the work, run with the books that surround you?

Saturday, October 9, 2010


the social network has been out since last week. I recently watched it and I must say that it was well done - the concept of the movie was excellent. If you`re bored & in need of something to do, I`d have to say that this movie is the best one out there at the moment.

Quick recap:
My first month of university is finished. It is now time for midterms and I`d have to say that these past couple of days have been rather difficult. Up & down. Overall though, i`d have to say that university has been treating me better than high school ever did.

Don`t ever look back once you`ve gone forward.

Monday, September 6, 2010

1st Daaayyy ?!?!


It`s the first day of the next four years for me - more studying, more homework, more people (thousand six hundred first years with me!) and more ... just more..

That`s a scary thought. But what`s scarier is that I feel I`d be the shortest person, and that I`d get almost (almost) squished and or destroyed while walking through the AQ (did you know that the floor of the AQ was made just for the track and field people to run around? Yes, you CAN run at the AQ without having to worry about tripping and or falling.)

I have Psychology 100 tomorrow along with International Studies & its tutorial. Hopefully I don`t get bogged down by homework on the first day (which is imminent.)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

end to the beginning

I have always wondered what it was like to be in the `real world`, before high school ended. Actually, I was ecstatic to be out of high school - out of that blanket of safety, blissfully unaware of the trials that came about. I did not have to worry about a job, I did not have to worry about paying rent or buying my own food without allowances. It was a beautiful oasis, but during the last five years I failed to see that.

On the contrary, I saw it as one of the most grueling and arduous years. I hated high school. At this point, going back to high school would probably make me twitch a little bit... but at the same time: No rent to pay. No tuitions to worry about - FREE EDUCATION! Moreover, coverage under my father`s healthcare benefits. It truly was the `life`.

June 17, 2010, marked the end of the First Chapter. It marked the end of troublesome backpacks that were half my height (of course, that`s not saying much as I am only 5`1.) It marked the end of avoiding people who did not like me and who chose to sneer at me as I walked by. It marked the end of allowances (though, seeing as I`m Filipino, I never really got any. Instead my parents would give me the odd $20 as I told them I was going out.); the end of my quest for a Blackberry. Really: It marked the end of the beginning.

This all adds up to one thing - a new adventure. Not just any adventure: an adventure in one of the most amazingly beautiful cities in the world, Vancouver. Let`s see how I manage to survive ;)