Monday, September 6, 2010

1st Daaayyy ?!?!


It`s the first day of the next four years for me - more studying, more homework, more people (thousand six hundred first years with me!) and more ... just more..

That`s a scary thought. But what`s scarier is that I feel I`d be the shortest person, and that I`d get almost (almost) squished and or destroyed while walking through the AQ (did you know that the floor of the AQ was made just for the track and field people to run around? Yes, you CAN run at the AQ without having to worry about tripping and or falling.)

I have Psychology 100 tomorrow along with International Studies & its tutorial. Hopefully I don`t get bogged down by homework on the first day (which is imminent.)


  1. nigguh whats crackin
    i bet it wont be how you imagine it

  2. The struggles and joys of college are worth more than the piece of paper you get at the end, live every moment with the verve of youth, and value the experiences like no other.