Saturday, August 7, 2010

end to the beginning

I have always wondered what it was like to be in the `real world`, before high school ended. Actually, I was ecstatic to be out of high school - out of that blanket of safety, blissfully unaware of the trials that came about. I did not have to worry about a job, I did not have to worry about paying rent or buying my own food without allowances. It was a beautiful oasis, but during the last five years I failed to see that.

On the contrary, I saw it as one of the most grueling and arduous years. I hated high school. At this point, going back to high school would probably make me twitch a little bit... but at the same time: No rent to pay. No tuitions to worry about - FREE EDUCATION! Moreover, coverage under my father`s healthcare benefits. It truly was the `life`.

June 17, 2010, marked the end of the First Chapter. It marked the end of troublesome backpacks that were half my height (of course, that`s not saying much as I am only 5`1.) It marked the end of avoiding people who did not like me and who chose to sneer at me as I walked by. It marked the end of allowances (though, seeing as I`m Filipino, I never really got any. Instead my parents would give me the odd $20 as I told them I was going out.); the end of my quest for a Blackberry. Really: It marked the end of the beginning.

This all adds up to one thing - a new adventure. Not just any adventure: an adventure in one of the most amazingly beautiful cities in the world, Vancouver. Let`s see how I manage to survive ;)


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